Reach back into your memory and think about the last time you had an amazing night between the sheets. Wish you could recreate that chemistry every time? Our research indicates that there are three phases to pure bedroom bliss:

Phase 1:

(aka Desire)

Whether it’s a romantic dinner out, a thoughtful note, or a sexy strip tease, desire sparks chemistry in the bedroom.

Phase 2:

(aka Foreplay)

Accelerate the chemistry by finding new ways to tease and please each other. Take your time and enjoy.

Phase 3:
Melting Point

(aka Passion)

Usually all it takes is communication and a few new ideas for your passion to reach its melting point.

Who knew the miracle of science could be so sexy? We did. Bedroom Chemist is here with the right products, expert advice, and the discretion of someone with the other half of your BFF necklace. We know that if you have great chemistry in the bedroom, your sex life and appreciation for each other will get better and better.

Eighty years ago Kinsey discovered that it takes most women 15 minutes to go from start to finish.

Dr. Ruth has always said that phase 1 is the most critical.

Freud acknowledged that women need emotional connections more than men.